Important Finds-Music-How it affects Us

The Effect of Music on Pain

Today we are beginning a blog about Music and how it affects the universe and our physical bodies.

“To sum up the nature of this scientific revolution in a single phrase, we are finding that the universe is composed not of matter but of music.”* “As Teilhard de Chardin agrees, the more we split and pulverize matter, We find that the periodic table represents a “harmonic series of simple bodies, strung out from hydrogen to uranium on the notes of an atomic scale.”*The Symphony of Life-Donald Hatch Andrews

Let us go further in how music influences us, let talk about how music can reduce pain.  Why is it that when we listen to certain types of music we respond with goose-pimples and others we simply “turn off’? The elicitation of limbic function by the abstract sounds of music relates to the human brain processing operations crucial to overall human performance.”

The Effect of Music on Pain. If you think about it, it makes sense. You change the coherency factor in the individual’s fields and the body goes into a greater state of wholeness in whatever circumstances, the individual finds himself. Soothing music and harp sounds played live have had an amazing effect for countless thousands in hospice. There, harpists come in and play for those going thru transition and at the time of their departure. Therapyharps and the Chalice of Repose workers assist many with their journeys. The Threshold singers all around the country are also to be appreciated for their amazing blessings to individuals in Hospice. Therapyharps have been used by many practitioners in these situations to accompany singers.The harps are put on the patients or right next to them so they can receive maximum value.

Next time we will talk about Numerous studies that have been conducted related to Music’s dramatic reduction of pain and anxiety in medical settings. If you are interested in finding out more about how the harps lower pain, stress and anxiety, Go to or just click the picture on the blog. Angel Blessings! It is so Easy and Fun to feel Better or to help Your Clients feel Better.