The Season is a great time for Healing and Creativity

Music is a great soother and a great healer.

IMG_0035IMG_5503Sound is a great soother and a great healer This season is a great time of the year for peo­ple to come deeply in to the present and look at how they might be more in touch with the Joy within them.  The beauty around them is just amazing! All the beautiful flowers and blossoming trees and the OCEAN and the Sunshine! The beauty is still with us in early fall.

They might call it some­thing else but the truth remains, the sea­son is call­ing us that we may harvest the abundance that has grown and trans­formed our lives from the spring and sum­mer. We are opening our heart strings that need quick­en­ing with the gen­tle sooth­ing touches of love. Music is a great soother and a great healer. The harps can help you begin cre­at­ing for a greater life of cre­ativ­ity and energy.

Let your­self con­sider the incred­i­ble gifts of cre­ativ­ity and expan­sion that the harps might be ready to offer you. Par­tic­u­larly when you hold the harp right next to your body and let your body melt its resis­tance and open to the deeper song of love that live within. Check out these beau­ti­ful tones on the home page of on the videos. pics 4-26-14 503 Sound ther­apy is a beau­ti­ful option to help Reiki, mas­sage, and hos­pice ses­sions go deeper and to increase the depth of our med­i­ta­tions and quiet time. Music ther­apy is a great tool for the add/adht indi­vid­u­als and for depres­sion and assisted-living individuals.

Check out the harps they trans­port you to a dif­fer­ent world where you remem­ber your­self as a lim­it­less being:  One able to totally enjoy the beauty around them. Let yourself see the beauty this summer that is all around you–the flowers, the blossoming trees, and the clear water and its shimmering lights.

Angel Bless­ings from all the Angels and Archangels, Par­tic­u­larly Archangel Micheal at this time.