Barbie Edwards – The Angels Brought the Idea for the Beautiful Harps through Me years ago.

The harps are a bridge to Spirit that allows us to shift out of our judging minds back to our true selves that remember that love and grace are all around us if only we have the eyes to see. Enter into this world of ease as often as you like by simply strumming one of these beautiful harps. Feel the relaxation flowing through your body as the tones and vibrations against your body create coherency at a cellular level and bring harmony back into your consciousness. These beautiful sounds bring forth the beauty of the heavenly realms. They will transport you home and you will find you are always welcome.

Rev. Barbie Edwards

As an internationally known Angel presenter, minister, counselor, expo presenter, harpist, singer, and sound therapist, Barbie Edwards has had many opportunities to support the work of the angels. Her beautiful voice enchants her workshops and her meditations on the archangels will lift you to the heavens.

Barbie Edwards was on the Connie Chung CBS Angel special, ABC News, Wisdom Television and numerous other television and radio shows as she appeared at expos, churches, and events all over the country for the last 20 years.

Barbie Edwards noted lap harpist and vocalist, has recorded with internationally known violinist Tony Selvage and flutist Richard Tibbitts. She has played at many community events and national expos for many well-known authors including Ken Carey, Alan Cohen, Sharon Forrester, Timothy and Ama Daniels, Virgil Armstrong, Peter Caddy, and Terry Lynn Taylor. She has been heavily involved in the New Age music community for the last twenty years. Her music is used in hospitals and chiropractic offices for stress reduction and healing. Her beautiful Angelic tones fill a room with peace. She has specific harps tuned to bring in earth flavors, oriental nuances, chakra balances, and angelic frequencies.

Barbie Edwards has produced eleven lovely ethereal healing tapes and five CDs for stress reduction and relaxation. In Listen with your Heart which is her latest CD, it helps those who wish to experience both harp tunings to feel healing balances or to provide music to play along with as new harp owners are learning to play their own harp.

Marce White, Center for the Angels says “You feel the presence and healing of the Angels when Barbie’s around!”


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