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All models are available in all tuning. Different woods, strings, and construction give each harp a distinctive presence. Each one will perform the Therapist’s Mission but like cars, each model does it differently. Enjoy the Blessings of Therapy Harps.

We have factories in different parts of the world building Lap Harps exclusively for us meeting our specifications, construction, strings, and tunings. Prices and models are subject to change.

Payment Plans are available for those who qualify.

Play crescendos and gorgeous music simply by strumming across these pre-tuned strings.

Playing our Lap Harps is simple as there are no notes to learn. A tuner package and a training video quickly and easily teach a complete music novice everything needed to make this the most enjoyable experience ever. Receive the gift of playing live music without the effort of learning.


Play the harp at least five to fifteen minutes a day. The mind’s chatter of fears, complaints, worries, and upsets stop. The soul’s purpose comes into focus. The alpha state and the left-right brain integration which occurs bring deep relaxation and true inner healing. These deeper states seem to come effortlessly when playing the Therapy Harp. When you give a treatment, you get one as well.

What a gift! Therapy Harps are beautiful but the significance is that they calm the nervous system while transforming consciousness. The vibration of the harp, when placed on the body, creates movement in every cell. This intercellular massage breaks up energy blockages, relieves depression and chronic pain which may inhibit natural energy flow. Blockages may be one cause of dis-ease. Also, the harps are pre-tuned to the chakra system stimulating energy to flow again. This gives the body energy to prioritize healing on a ‘most needed’ basis.

Thank you, relieved every pain in my body today just listening to this. My doves love the harp music as well. Much needed Angel Therapy of my day. This music speaks the language of love? and puts? us back into resonance with the original creation. Greatest blessings. Love is the law of operation.

Feel The Relaxation

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, International Sound Therapist, states that vibrations through a solid, like the harp directly on the body, are 25 times more effective than sound through air. During demonstrations, we place the Indian-tuned harp over the heart to help release physical and emotional stress including depression. Then we replace it with the Angelic-tuned harp. Many achieve advanced states of meditation, powerful prayer and deep relaxation. Others report brilliant colors, Celestial singing, and visions of Angels, often with less than 10 minutes of strumming.

“We are in a time of ever increasing stress and anxiety. It is a time to go deeper. If you have tried meditation to quiet your mind with less than desired results, experience the balance, clarity, and flow the harps can bring to your life.”

Harp Accessories

These lap-sized harps are very easy to play. There are no notes to learn, merely strum or pluck them as you wish. You simply cannot hit a bad note. The tuner package is a necessity and includes everything you need. The instruction video teaches even the novice how to use our tuner. The tuning is easy; tighten a string and the light moves from red to green indicating the string is in tune. The video also demonstrates many ways to play your harp. The tuner package is only $125. The only other thing you will need is a harp case. A gorgeous, black nylon padded case for $75. The black case has a pocket to carry your tuner and accessories. Use the shoulder strap on the black case to free your arms to carry other things on an airplane, to a client’s house, church, or out in nature.

Who Are OUR Harps For?

About half of our Harps are in use by health practitioners around the world. The other half is owned, loved, appreciated, and played by women and men of all backgrounds and, children as well. The harps bring out creativity and calm hyperactivity (ADHD). Everyone within hearing distance benefits. Bring the soothing sounds of peace, harmony, and relaxation into your home today.

Why Lap Harps?

We chose Lap Harps for their ability to direct sound and vibration into the body, as well as their size, sound qualities, and portability. They are light (up to 8 pounds) and require no lessons. Standup harps, however, are designed to send sound out into a room, to stay in one place, and for a musician to play songs after repeated practice.

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We have a referral program.  If someone refers you, please give us their name when you call.

The use of Therapy Harps is not intended to replace medical advice.
If you have any illness, please consult your medical practitioner.

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