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Power of Miracles

IMG_5491We need the Power of Miracles to change our beliefs… they materialize in the places we’d least expect. They can come to us as a drastic alteration in our physical reality or as a simple synchronicity. Sometimes they’re big, can’t be missed, other times they’re subtle. They can come from a perfect stranger we suddenly encounter. If we listen, we’ll hear just the right words, at the right time, to dazzle us into a realization that we may have failed to notice –Gregg Braden


I believe everyone has a the power to experience miracles. It is a matter of putting yourself in the stream of grace. Opening your heart to the power of love is the key. It will transform your life and that of those around you. Therapy harps are a wonderful doorway to open into that realm and let the frequencies of coherency transform you and the heart stream you enter into. Check out our website and listen under tunings!

Check out our website and listen under tunings!