Sound healing-Wholistic Alternative Healing

Sound Healing ~ Wholistic Alternative Healing

The key is all these won­der­ful modal­i­ties make a dif­fer­ence in people’s lives for the bet­ter and you get to decide  if you choose. There is so much to expe­ri­ence! Check out our beau­ti­ful harp ther­apy videos at as part of your path.

Heal­ing mas­sage, prana heal­ing, heal­ing mas­sage, reiki heal­ing, sound heal­ing and harp heal­ing to name only a few of the modalities that are available. All of these can be use in all stages of life includ­ing Hos­pice. Hos­pice work­ers and hos­pice nurses love the harps. Sound and harp ther­apy are used a lot by ther­a­pists at all stages of healing.jamie and mitizi sharing  Becoming your own healer is a stage we all go thru. Another way to say it is, we can continue to give someone a fish or teach them to fish. So somehow we have all become fishermen. With therapy harps, it is particularly easy and so fulfilling. You can not hit a bad note and everything you do sounds great! What a great gift to share with others in your fisherman process!

Expe­ri­ence the beau­ti­ful sounds on our web­site. LET THE MUSIC IN to your cells and see the change.  THE HEALING TOUCH of SOUND AND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS WILL EXPAND! Harp Ther­apy is a one of those Heal­ing Gifts that keeps giv­ing! Check us out at or call us at 928–592-2443