Rev. Barbie Edwards has worked with people for over twenty-five years using her counseling skills and advanced training’s to help many people.

If you are interested in a session on retraining your past to assist you in moving forward in your life she will be very glad to help you. She also does sessions for stress reduction and healing of major issues in your life now that are holding you back.

Always know Rev. Barbie Edwards does not work alone but with the Angels, Archangels, and Your Higher Self to assist you in your process. Please Give her a call at 928-592-2443 to set up a time. She charges $100.00 an hour plus discounts on the first hour.

She charges 100.00 an hour.  ORDER Your Session

To Add More Detail About Your Session

Receive your individual meditation music created just for you after a joint 20 min. meditation together whether over the phone or not. This will include powerful affirmations and your name sang as a healing meditation to help you let go of negative influences or situations of the past that have left you feeling less than powerful.  To balance and heal your field of present and past traumas. The intention is to create the space that allows you to create your dreams in a natural and easy way. We can also focus on manifestation if you like.

Rev. Barbie Edwards

Barbie has appeared on Connie Chung’s CBS Angel special, ABC News, Wisdom Television and numerous other television and radio shows. She has recorded with internationally known violinist Tony Selvage and flutist Richard Tibbitts and played at many community events and national expos for many well-known authors including Ken Carey, Alan Cohen, Sharon Forrester, Timothy and Ama Daniels, Virgil Armstrong, Peter Caddy, and Terry Lynn Taylor.

Her music is used in hospitals and chiropractic offices for stress reduction and healing. The beautiful Angelic tones fill a room with peace. Specific harps are tuned to bring in earth flavors, oriental nuances, chakra balance, and angelic frequencies.

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Angelic Therapy Harps

Balance chakras, calm the nervous system and stimulate the immune system. The vibrations of the harps balance and regenerate the body, often allowing people to release chronic pain and symptoms of degenerative illness and ADD/ADHD.

Therapists and healers find them easy and effective. Using the harps to start or end their sessions, their clients go quickly into deep states of release and healing. They are unique right-brain healing instruments. Every harp is pre-tuned. From the very first time you pick one up, you can close your eyes and strum across the strings, and it sounds beautiful! People listening to you will think you have played for years.

Listen to the Angelic & Indian Tunings:

Redwood Harp ~ Angelic Tuning

Maple Harp ~ Indian Tuning

Other Harps, Tunings, and CDs

To order your Therapy Harp directly call 928-592-2443

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