Here are samples of our different Harp Tunings

Redwood Harps


There are 2 new Redwood tunings that will be available very soon.

The Mother Mary tuning and the Harmony tuning which goes with alot of crystal bowl sets.  They will be in 432 hzs.

Indian Redwood Tuning

Celestial Redwood Tuning

Rose Redwood Tuning

Angelic Redwood Tuning

Blonde Maple Harps

Blond Maple Harp2 e1461370187418

Indian Maple Tuning

Celestial Maple Tuning

Rose Maple Tuning

Angelic Maple Tuning

Playing Your Harp with Dulcimer Hammers

Indian Tuning


Kent Rautenstraus, head of the Music Department at Mile Hi Church, interviews Barbie for an in~depth understanding of what these harps are doing today for humanity.

Listen Now!

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Therapy Lap Harps are unique right-brain healing instruments. We pre-tune each harp. From the very first time you pick up the harp, you can close your eyes and strum across the strings, and it sounds beautiful! People listening to you will think you have played for years.

Therapy Harps balance chakras, calm the nervous system and stimulate the immune system. The vibrations of the harps balance and regenerate the body, often allowing people to release chronic pain and symptoms of degenerative illness and ADD/ADHD.

Therapists and healers find them easy and effective. Using the harps to start or end their sessions, their clients go quickly into deep states of release and healing.

When you call, we can answer your questions and play the different tunings for you to experience. Please leave your name and number clearly with the best time to return your call for your time zone.


Listen to Barbie’s interview by Adam Abraham on ‘Talk for Food Radio Show’ about the healing qualities of her Therapy Harps.

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To order your Harp directly call 928-592-2443

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