Hi Barbie, I love playing my angel therapy harp. So peaceful… Peace Through Music blessings! Soundings of the Planet.com.
~ Dudley Evenson

Dean & Dudley Evenson founded the Soundings of the Planet music label in 1979

Hello, Rev. Barbie. Thank-you again for the time you spent talking with me on the phone, and for sharing your heart and knowledge with me. I am so in love with my Indian Redwood Harp and have experienced so many blessings, for myself, in a couple of weeks since receiving it. I feel an immediate physical calmness and relaxation when strumming my harp. The spiritual fulfillment I experience is so encompassing and complete!

I have also used this therapy harp with my autistic son, and my step-father who has dementia. The calming and relaxation they both experienced filled my heart with such joy and warmth. My mother, who is struggling with depression and physical ailments, has also spent time with the Harp. It immediately gave her a feeling of peace and a relaxed calmness.

I will keep you posted on how, and with whom, I am using my therapy harp. I am also very excited about using this Harp with my special needs children at school, where I teach music, in the fall. I think it will be a wonderful way to begin each of my regular ed. music classes as well!!
~ Jill Norton, Nixa, MO

Hi Barbie, just want to send my heartfelt gratitude and thank you for the wonderful harp. I have a strong feeling it is for my personal healing right now. It is amazing! I love to play it and the sound vibrations are so wonderful. I feel drawn to play with two hands but currently playing holding with my left and using only my right hand to strum. I feel like I want to play with both hands and use some type of finger picks. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?
~ Shawn Cassel Warnick

“I am enjoying the harp so much. It’s so relaxing & the sound helps increases my energy level. I hear two string that our slightly off pitch, so I look forward to getting the contact mic. After that I, want to use the harp in the healing sessions that I have with two other people. The three of us work on each other (one man & two women). We’ve been doing this for five years. The man had his bladder removed five years ago (bladder cancer) & has now a synthetic bladder. He had growths in his lungs, but they disappeared. Last year he had his left kidney removed & he’s doing great. I have started playing your CD Listen with your Heart. I also have Sedona Sounds. Which one do you think would be better? May Love, Laughter and Joy Be With You & Be in Harmony with the Universe.”
~ Lauren Shaffer

“From the time I picked it up and started playing it, I never wanted to put it back down. I take it with me wherever I go. I play it before bed to balance myself out; it clears the air, the energy in me, and puts me into a relaxing night’s sleep. I can’t tell you how many times over my harp has paid for itself in therapy. With all the changes in my life, it’s been my companion. What I paid for the harp was nothing compared to what it’s done for me!”
~ Mille B., Phoenix, AZ (8 year owner)

“All of that nervous tension that I had, like pulling a rubber band so tight it’s ready to pop, all of a sudden, every bit of that just melted away, ten minutes, tops. I literally felt my heart and all the muscles just let go and relax. The harp just melts it out… an incredible tool. The more I play the harp, the more calm I stay, the more level. I get that incredible wellness feeling!”
~ Rikki R., Jacksonville, FL (6 year owner)

“It was like I was surrounded by Angels and the sound was incredibly beautiful. These harps are so easy to play – you can’t hit a bad note. You just strum them, so even a beginner who has never learned music can pick one up and play it.”
~ Barbara R., Atlanta, GA (6 year owner)

“After trying numerous alternative therapies to reduce my blood pressure, none of which had worked for me, I was totally amazed. In 10 minutes my blood pressure went from 137/104 down to 129/88 after a Therapy Harp treatment.”
~ Bonnie B., Denver, CO (3 year owner)

“As a volunteer to a special program in an intensive care hospital unit, I played my Therapy Harp on an unconscious 87-year-old woman. After playing for 12 minutes, the heart monitor indicated a dramatic calming. When I left the ward 45 minutes later, even the staff had calmed down and peace pervaded the ward. As a healer, I can’t be in every home every day. The harp allows them to get into their meditative mind and healing space to work on their own.”
~ Adrienne S., Austin, TX (8 year owner)

“As a high school teacher, I tested the reactions of my students by playing my harp in the classroom for 10 minutes in the morning. I was amazed to see that stress levels neutralized, and it had a clearing effect in the room on all of my classes for the entire day. Even the students that continually cause disruptions were relaxed, attentive and focused. Both ends of the spectrum – my advanced and special needs students, as well as teachers, felt centered and absolutely loved it! ”
~ Marlaine B., Aurora, CO (5 month owner)

“In my healing practice, Therapy Harps are powerful tools. Clients face and release core issues that have created physical disease caused from resentment, anger, and depression. The harps have even broken up kidney stones and stunted the growth of cysts.”
~ Mary Anne, IL (3 year owner)

We have a referral program. If someone refers you, please give us their name when you contact us.

The use of Therapy Harps is not intended to replace a medical advice. If you have any illness, please consult your medical practitioner.

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