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What is Sound Therapy?

“Research has shown that when we are deprived of certain light frequencies we can become sick. One of the most fascinating scientific facts to emerge recently is that sound behaves in a similar fashion to light. In other words, sound and light act like vitamins and minerals in our body. Most people are deficient in certain tones and this is traced when the human voice is recorded and monitored. We need a certain balance of sound frequencies, which may vary from one individual to another, in order to maintain our bodies in a healthy state.

Recent experiments indicate that one of the most powerful ways to heal the individual is to play back the missing frequencies at a low octave which corresponds to brain wave frequencies. What happens here is quite remarkable and really beautiful. The body is simply helped to heal itself by activating the control center in the brain that looks after this healing.”

– In the words of Jocelyn Godwin, ed.,

Cosmic Music, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 1989

“The basic principle of Sound Therapy is repetition and resonance. We do know in science that if a certain frequency hits something that is similar it will begin to resonate in sympathy. So if you play a certain frequency and actually anything that is close by to that frequency will begin to vibrate with it. Supposing calcium is not vibrating in its actual frequency in your body and so the body does not recognize this any more and so doesn’t use it. And if you give the frequency of calcium then this will begin to resonate and the other one will begin to resonate with it in sympathy and then re-establish itself.”

Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy is a revolutionary new alternative therapy we are experimenting with which uses frequencies to help balance the body. Our research shows incredible promise, with almost unbelievable results occurring periodically.

Although it seems strange when you first hear of “sound therapy” like it is something strange and destined for the medical research labs, the truth is that the effects are apparent in our everyday life… For example, we experience the energizing effect of sound and music every time we hear music with a heavy beat. Just think of the last time you heard a favorite dance hit and couldn’t help but to start dancing along.

For example, the Bulgarian Psychiatrist, Gorgi Lazanoff was able to show an increased capacity for learning, super learning if you will, by playing Baroque music (1700’s Bach, Vivaldi, Telemon, Handle) and having his students breathe in rhythm with the beat. It all goes to show that sound and music can have a profound effect on our health, and well-being, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well.

Everything Vibrates

In the growing field of “energy medicine,” it is well known that our universe is created through patterns of frequency. Science is now documenting what mystics of many traditions have known forever. Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. This is obvious if you consider that electrons are always moving and vibrating.

Altering the Body’s Resonance to Effect Healing

All healing interventions must influence the body by somehow altering its frequency resonance. Healing has often been affected by such modalities as sound, light, music therapy and various other energy medicine techniques that alter the frequency patterns of an individual.

Therapy Harps

Therapy Harps use all these principles of sound therapy. When you play and strum the harps many of the corresponding missing frequencies in the brain are available in the lower octaves to assist your body in healing.

The control center relative to the dysfunction is activated to bring about the healing process. The tones we are deficient in like vitamins and minerals in our body are available and the body heals the imbalance. Using the Principles of repetition and resonance the body begins to resonate in sympathy. Many areas of the body can be affected at one time by simply strumming the full range of one of these powerful instruments because of the principles of repetition and sympathy and range of overtones affecting surrounding areas that begin to resonate and to re-establish the missing frequencies.

Of paramount importance is the fact that the lap harp sits directly on the body(weighing only about 8 pounds) and, therefore, the frequencies’s effect are intensified immeasurably by the direct contact with the thymus, heart, nervous system, the chakras and the whole body in general.


Sound ~ Dr. Georgia Neff

Before we get too much further into things I’d like to introduce Dr. Georgia Neff who has a background that includes both science and shamanism. Her father was an aerospace engineer and her mother was from the Padawatami tribe. She holds a doctorate in psychology with a lot of clinical experience. Dr. Neff, you said we run into trouble understanding sound because of the way we usually think of ourselves.

“The problem with the language is that in our language we say so sound, this thing over here, some object over here, might tell me something about myself and that the fact of the matter is you are sound. You are frequency distribution. You are a dancing wave form. That’s what creates matter. If you looked at it from the physics side of it, it’s not really that hard to understand but you have to look at it kind of not the normal theory but sort of beyond the normal theory. I have physicist friends and they understand it. They say yeah. That would be true actually. It’s just that we’re not used to thinking about ourselves that way and because we make ourselves discontinuous from the world of which we are apart we have a hard time understanding that we do operate as that world operates and it operates primarily by a distribution of frequencies. And so if you start seeing yourself that way then you see that everything that you’re made of and everything you put in your mouth and eat and that’s in your digestive tract and all the ways those chemicals have been broken down and the entire array of tissue formation and organ formation and everything is all about frequency wave forms configuring themselves in a certain way.”

So what do you think happens when we have a disease?

“When you have a disease, you have underlying conditions of frequency abnormality or frequency distributions really going south. You’re literally skewed as one might say in a curve. You’re not in the natural distribution any more of those frequencies.”

Shabnam Frey-Yadav is a Sound Practitioner in Switzerland. She’s originally from India and studied Homeopathy in England. I asked her to give me a simple explanation of why we can get information from the voice.

“The body is a chemical factory and all the molecules in the body are moving around at various speeds and this is frequencies. We can’t hear them because our hearing is limited but our voice box acts as an amplifier for these sounds and that’s why every voice is so individual because you’re using all these sounds that are happening inside of you.”

So how does sound effect us?

“The basic principle of Sound Therapy is repetition and resonance. We do know in science that if a certain frequency hits something that is similar it will begin to resonate in sympathy. So if you play a certain frequency and actually anything that is close by to that frequency will begin to vibrate with it. Supposing calcium is not vibrating in its actual frequency in your body and so the body does not recognize this anymore and so doesn’t use it. And if you give the frequency of calcium then this will begin to resonate and the other one will begin to resonate with it in sympathy and then re-establish itself.”
~ Dr. Georgia Neff.


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Sound – Kathleen LeGare

Kathleen LeGare is a school teacher, singer, and sound practitioner. She was initially attracted to the field of sound because of a story.
“Well, the story that intrigued me the most was of the gentleman that had a motorcycle accident that sheared his tibia and shattered his kneecap in thirty-two places. He was told by his doctors he would never walk again. They had to surgically remove his kneecap. They removed every shrapnel left or piece of the kneecap. He had nerve damage in his leg. And through sound, beginning with relieving his pain that the morphine couldn’t even begin to relieve, just listening to particular tones that were given to the practitioner relieved his pain by about, he says, ninety percent. Then, through the course of two years, he regrew his patella which is his kneecap. I thought that was remarkable. I met this gentleman and, in fact, you can see the scar on his leg but if you closed your eyes and ran your hand over his leg you would not feel the scar it healed so cleanly. I understand that there is really no scar line on the bone that healed. And the nerves were regenerated. This was all through using, listening to, particular sounds and tones.”

What do you think sound does?

“Sound has the ability to restructure matter.”
To me that’s a pretty strong statement. You actually experienced that?

Can you give an example?

“In conjunction with Dark Field Blood Analysis, they call is Microscopy, my blood was very, very sticky and we did many things over the course of four days to try to get it to unstick with no success. We used enzymes and colloidal silver and avoiding particular fatty foods, etc., but it was quite obvious that I wasn’t getting the protein digestion that I needed and my blood was dirty with particular protoplasms and bacteria. So with the use of voice analysis, I decided on tones that would be beneficial and so I sat and I vocally toned these notes myself and we did another blood analysis immediately following the toning and low and behold my blood was quite clean.

So how could something like that change so quickly?

“Because the beingness that we are is entirely at this frequency distribution level. Or if you want to say it another way at the sub-atomic level. But that means frequency, too. An atom is all about frequency. It can just be that fast with some things. She didn’t have an underlying disease. She didn’t have an underlying condition that was pushing towards this. There was just some frequency deficiency or weakness in her voice and women very, very often have a weakness in C. I do in my own voice. And so that’s not so surprising. As she brought it back in her voice there’s just energetically it automatically changes.”


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Sound ~ Dr. Peter Moscow

Dr. Peter Moscow was raised in Ireland and has a number of degrees from Trinity College in Dublin in Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic. He originally became involved in alternative medicine to try to cure a few of his own problems and he moved to the United States in 1976. He is currently President of the US Psychotronics Association and is a Bio-Energetic Practitioner with a twenty-year-old practice. Dr. Moscow, can you talk a little bit about music?

“I consider music to have, as its primary purpose, is to work with the level of the self and the soul so that there can be true healing in the formulation such as the Bach Remedies. They do very similar things. But I consider music to have some of the highest structure involved in healing and I think that it can open up channels for experience and change. If you want to make the change and cause a reversal of disease patterns then in order for that to happen the body’s information system must be set up to receive whatever it’s getting, whether it be a drug or medicine of any kind, energetic or otherwise. It must be in a position to receive, integrate and shift. If that cannot happen then it is very difficult. We find with the music this facilitates the change dramatically.”


Sound ~ Alfred and Shabnam Frei-Yadav

Alfred Frey-Yadav, the husband of Shabnam Frey-Yadav, studying Rebalancing and Homeopathy as well as Sound. Alfred, you have a rather interesting thing to say about change.

“People start realizing that they don’t have to change their outsides. By changing themselves, the outside automatically starts changing… Like it’s very difficult to tell somebody if they want to change their mother or their partner or their kids or whatever to tell them that actually, as a matter of fact, there’s nothing they can do that will work to change them. But if they change then eventually these people will change. It’s very hard to believe unless you experience it. But once they experience that, and they do, I think that’s a major turn, one of them. And the other is that they might become more relaxed about general situations. Fears might still be there but they might come down to a level where they can deal with it.”


“You know with these frequencies your perspective changes and that is really, really powerful stuff. For example, if you didn’t like your mother-in-law and you thought she was a dragon, well after a while you might think she’s not so bad after all. So it’s not the mother-in-law that changes, it is you that changes. And as you improve from inside your environment improves or changes for the better.”

Thank you Biowaves for doing a lot of the research I have quoted here. You, our readers, have permission to make copies of this and distribute it in its entirety. Their thanks go to all the participants and sound practitioners they have met and to you, the people who will research this technology and take it to whoever most needs it.


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