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Redwood Symphony Harp Complete Set

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The Redwood Symphony is hand-built and has qualities found only in better acoustic instruments priced many times higher.

It is lighter than the Maple and carries the alive feeling that finely finished musical instruments radiate.

The sound ports allow one to play very softly (while placing an ear on a port) and feel like you are standing in the middle of the harp experiencing the sound all around you. The price for each harp is $2100 and includes the tuning kit and case.

Rosette Choices

Dragonfly Rosette
Tree of Life Rosette
Celtic Rosette

Rose Redwood TuningIndian Redwood Tuning

Celestial Redwood Tuning

Angelic Redwood Tuning

Click Here to Listen to All Tunings

COMING SOON - there are 2 new tunings that will be available very soon.

The Mother Mary tuning and the Harmony tuning which goes with a lot of crystal bowl sets. They will be in 432 hzs.

The set is complete with Redwood Harp, tuning kit and harp case.

The body of this harp vibrates more fully than the Maple harp, and the sound carries fullness and volume rich with resonance and color.

Each harp is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Shipping and handling, including insurance of harp by UPS or FedEx, is $75.00, for harp and $15 for harp case and tuning package for a total of $90 National Shipping.

International Shipping to Europe and Japan is an additional $120 and shipped by US Postal Service.

All International shipping is shipped by US Postal Service, and delays may occur because of customs.

The Celtic Knot Rosette can be special ordered at an additional cost of $50.00.

Different woods, strings, and construction give each harp a distinctive presence. Each one will perform the Therapist’s Mission but like cars, each model does it differently. Enjoy the Blessings of Therapy Harps.

Shipping and handling, including insurance of harp by UPS or FedEx, is $75.00.

Plus shipping for harp case and tuning package $15, a total of $90

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