These are  Answers to Customers’ Questions including QUESTIONS  about tunings.  BARBIE EDWARDS’S  THERAPYHARPS ARE GREAT SOUND THERAPY TOOLS.  THERAPYHARPS Tunings are on the website  under Prices.  All the tunings are listed and you can hear them all.

In Redwood harp, the #ROSE THERAPYHARPS ‘ tuning is very relaxing maybe a little brighter on the maple harp.  The Rose is the heart  healing tuning. The #INDIAN THERAPYHARPS TUNING is the one that is most healing. People use the Indian tuning for stress and pain. It is our most popular. The #Rose THERAPYHARPS TUNING is the next in line for popularity. #Celestial THERAPYHARPS’ TUNING is next. #The Angelic THERAPYHARPS TUNING” is also Beautiful and has its own audience.
All of this info is in the videos. I think you would really find  the material helpful.   It will answer all your questions and show you how to play and do sessions.
The harp is about 8 pounds. It has sound holes which increase
the sound 3-fold.
Shipping information is on the website. It includes insurance to customs in Japan and Europe. double boxing and repeated tuning to stabilize your harp in its proper tuning so it will hold during its travels. It is then charged by the Angels with their Blessings and Angels are sent with the harp to the new owner to assist in their healing and their clients’ healing.

$90.00 covers the shipping and handling fee in the USA. The Harp size is about 24 inches tall by 13.5 inches wide and about 2 inches thick. It sits very comfortably on your lap

Strings are not an issue. You do not break strings unless you are tuning it wrong. I have had harps for 7 years and never replaced strings. If you eventually want to replace the base strings. You can order from me and take them to any music shop and they will put them on. IF YOU HAVE A GUITAR FRIEND  HE MAY BE ABLE TO PUT THEM ON FOR YOU! (maybe 4 strings. 12 dollars a piece plus shipping.

Tuning is on the teaching DVD and is included  your harp package. All of this is on the website.
There is no pulling with your fingers as with the standup harp. This could be good if there is a harpist or musician for which this hand placement has become an issue. With #Barbie Edwards’Therapyharps, it takes only an easy strumming motion that is easy to learn. More styles are offered on the videos on the website and on the tuning video. They are all easy and invoke creativity in all ages!  Great for add/adhd
I do private sessions on skype to teach anything else you want to know about your harp or simply to get hands-on private instuction at 75.00 an hour. (hour minimum) Call Me at 928-592-2443
It is all so easy to learn and do. Tuning is on the teaching dvd and is included in the tuning package part of your harp package..
The point of this work is to make it fun, healing, and relaxing for the one who is playing the harp and for those receiving a session.